About Us

Café Fest is an independent non-profit Members’ association established in 2011 to serve as a public interest counterweight to the effective financial lobby. Our objective is to reinforce the voice of society in the reform of financial policy by carrying out advocacy and providing public interest arguments to legislators and residents. Our Members are civil society organisations and professional people, supported by a full-time secretariat.

Secret realities:

Café Fest’s advocacy promotes the general public interest in financial policy.

We are totally independent and have no relate to political parties or the financial market.

We have more than 70 Members consisting of professionals and civil society organisations that together represent countless European residents.

Countless online fans follow our work and support us from all around Europe. Turn into one of them!

Our staff of 11 consists of skilled financial investment lenders and previous finance market employees

We are moneyed completely by public contributions, charitable presents, grants and subscription costs.